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Registration for School Physical Fitness Award Scheme (2007/08)

The registration procedure:

  1. 登入香港兒童健康基金網頁
    (URL: http://www.childhealthhongkong.com/spfas/registration20072008)
    Enter the Hong Kong Childhealth Foundation (HKCHF) webpage:
    (URL: http://www.childhealthhongkong.com/spfas/registration20072008)
  2. 點擊[學校登記]提取電子註冊表格
    Click on [School Registration] to retrieve the electronic registration form.
  3. 鍵入或更新學校資料 (須提供全校學生總人數及2006/07學年預期參加獎勵計劃的學生人數)
    Key in the information required including total number of students of your school and the anticipated number of students taking part in SPFAS in 2007/08.
  4. 點擊[提交]遞交資料及進入提取「確定註冊」表格版面
    Click on [Register] to submit information and transfer to another page concerning confirmation.
  5. 點擊[下載本表格],提取「確定註冊」表格核對資料、經校長簽署並蓋上校印,然後以傳真﹝號碼:2761 4291﹞交回教統局體育組。
    Click on [Download this Form] to retrieve the form "Confirmation of Registration". Check the information generated and complete other parts including school head's signature and stamping the school chop on the form before returning it to EDB by fax (Fax No.: 2761 4291).

如學校曾在2006/07學年辦理註冊手續,可於電子註冊表格輸入學校編號、中學或小學、上課時間(上午/下午或全日)後,點擊 [取回2006-2007年度學校資料],匯入上年度學校資料、按需要更新資料。

For schools that have registered for the scheme in 2006/07, teachers may, after providing information on School Code, School Session and School Level at the electronic registration form, retrieve the stored school information by clicking on [Retrieve School Information from 2006/07] and then update the records where necessary.

如有查詢,請與中國香港體適能總會(電話:2838 9594、傳真:2575 8683、電郵:info@hkpfa.org.hk )、香港兒童健康基金 (電話:8208 0727、傳真2886 3166、電郵:spfas@childhealthhongkong.com)或教育局體育組(電話:2624 4278、傳真:2761 4291、電郵:pe@edb.gov.hk)聯絡。

For enquires, please contact the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China (Tel: 2838 9594, Fax: 2575 8683 or e-mail: info@hkpfa.org.hk), the HKCHF (Tel: 8208 0727, Fax: 2886 3166 or e-mail: spfas@childhealthhongkong.com) or the Physical Education Section, EDB (Tel: 2624 4278, Fax: 2761 4291 or e-mail: pe@edb.gov.hk ).